Monthly Archives: June 2015

sanhi at bunga

madalas, sa kanilang sariling kamay namamatay
ang pinakamahuhusay, para lang tumakas,
at silang naiwan
ay di maintindihan
kung bakit
gugustuhin ninuman
na lumayo
sa kanila.


1. He died not because he wanted to. He died because of heart attack. He’s unhealthy and the stress that day was just too much. He died and we cried.

2. She was under dialysis for two years until last night her body decided it don’t want to pay a machine to clean her guts. Her body decided for her, as if it wasn’t her. She died and she don’t want to, but her body speaks otherwise.

3. As if death is a hand, as if it’s a third arm. We nurture and grow it from a blind spot on our back. It wasn’t there until it’s there.

4. Cause and Effect by Bukowski and my translation in Filipino.