Adele revolutionary and what-nots

And there goes Adele being radical and political says XL Recording’s founder Richard Russell (I don’t know him either), for veering away from squirting icing creams from her tits and bitch slapping her ass wrapped in tight costume (or none at all) as majority of top female singers shows nowadays on MTV. It is The MTV, in the first place. Is anyone expecting too much other than selling sex, crime and vices? Not that it can not be an venue for the political-radical advocacies, moreover for a million dollar worth rising feme vocalist who is an over achiever, but we don’t really expect the revolution to be televised, do we?

I liked, back from her debut album, 19, and Chasing Pavements times, and still like, listening to Adele because she is plus size. But that is just a bonus because she really has a loaded crooning voice crazy for the blues transgressing the contemporary pop and golden ages of 70s soul, and she is a plus size (have I mentioned that?) with no plans to undergo mutation by lying over the operating table of the sex maniac, female exploiting, and stupid commercial music market. In an interview, which I am yet to search, but have been reported to me by a reliable source who equally defends Adele with an arm and a leg, Adele said that she sings for the ears and not for the eyes.

Finally! A logical statement from an artist, a singer, who is first and foremost sings for the ears and not for anything else (had you heard that, all you madapakers, posers, tryinghards?) I am not against technology and creativity and venturing and exhausting all multimedia possibilities to effectively deliver a message, but, hell, I envy people who lived in the days when singers and musicians are judged heavily by the auditory nerves. The same reason I also like The Voice for indiscriminate, as it projects itself to be, process of selecting budding divas and divos.

And Adele’s album of heartbreaks, 21, from unsuccessful relationships, is interesting. Lyrics, musicality and arrangement, to me, are almost basic and elementary musts for musicians. Her foundation for making it – bare from all the glittery sound engineering to join the bandwagon of bling-bling, dance-dance and prurient innuendos of current female noise maker – is solid. Ayun.


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