Good news, bad news

Vicky M. and your sunny Good News. Hah. I know you look glowingly warm in that pink dress, that is so good, and your smile lights up the TV screen. Mix it with your equally giggling eyes and — poof — happy-happy, fun-fun. The way you say “good news!”, while stretching your neck up to help your intonation rise to ecstasy, is a talent. The truth is, yes, the mainstream news scene have been clouded with a cumulus of murder, corruption and poverty plus sex and violence, and to top all that, squeezed and milked dry of all the sensationalism it can juice out. Earlier, imagine how TV Patrol Sunday Edition unlimitedly flashed the video clip of a child seeking medical help after a fishing arrow, fired by the sibling, that hit the victim eye was left there. Yes, they blur the infinitesimal part where the metal smudged the flesh. But, yes, the face of the child was all too clear. And did I say the victim was a child?

But this post is about good news! And all these, if it may sensibly qualify as one, seems be the antidote for harsh reality. The morphine, the opium, the addictive escape from the harsh yet real news. By addressing the bad news, reporting-wise, is not by showcasing all good news (literally taken by your show, how creative!). The reality is harsh, but it is the reality.

What does these good news got to offer? Heroic praises for the opening of more jobs for our countrymen abroad! Greater chances for our OFWs to graze in the greener pastures for being semi-skilled slaves at the cost of leaving their families, sometimes at the cost of their own lives in the hands of exploitive lords and as living proofs for the inutile responsibility of our government to protect our “modern day heroes”, who in the first place flew miles away for the lack real, lasting jobs and human-enough working conditions, with livable wages and benefits. No, I do not want to play the Bertong Badtrip here. Miss Vicky M., seasoned reporter, old-timer in the field, sandigan ng katotohanan, I do not blame you. You, after all, together with the guys in the newsroom and in the newsdesk, is just a speck and a singular from the chain of the systemic rot and un-goodness that the industry suffers. I am just being harsh, harshly real, that is. The people needs the good news, of course, inspiring facts, from in-depth analysis and investigation of the problems this god-forsaken third world country floating from imported surpluses after being robbed of its wealth and hope, and not superficial and minute-long flashes of hyped, sweetened segments.

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