E for Evil

D1 want it but he can’t. I thinking of Iguazu Falls. And cigarettes. And TLC singing Waterfalls’ refrain.

I met S2, I did not ask her if she want it or not. I made her want it. A, E, and J met me, too. R was busy. M has work. No signs of K after her bomb blew me first thing in the morning. She said she will not do it, that she never really want it in the first place. I saw D1 but didn’t talk to him about it, tomorrow maybe. Nobody from District D wants it, bs. T will decide tomorrow.

K felt obliged and swore to do her best. S1 turned us down for the second time. I was pulverized. S2 was enthusiastic. D2 was nowhere, yet my hope is holding too tight to her words of soft corn hair. I postponed our meet, I wanted to cancel my breathing. District S is deciding. They’re making me wait too long. I can wait forever, but deadlines won’t. I met T, she said she want it. Or, I said she will want it? I planned to talk to D1.

F said no. Fine. S1 said no. I shattered. But no, I said. Isa pang try.

I can’t remember.

I can’t.


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