Comfort Zone Theory

I’m theorizing on “comfort zones”. I started it as a model. A doodle explaining that one does not really “go out” from a certain comfort zone. Rather, a person open up his comfort zone to all that is beyond his comfort zone — the uncomfortable zone, or the crisis zone, or simply crisis. From there, one’s comfort zone expands covering more ground and transforms what is deemed crisis to his comfort zone.

I became a philosopher today after a friend complains that everyday work bores him. He thinks he can do more more than what is asked of him, or what his current line of work requires him to do. A thirst for new things, perhaps? Hence, “getting out” of his comfort zone.

I’ll try to put some pictures sometime. And I’m serious on this theorizing thing. We have started our preliminary debates. We, my co-pilosopos. Haha.

I guess we’re just too bored.


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